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Courageous Parenting

5-message CD Series

The family in America is under attack.
Some attacks are overt, yet most are covert. And it's time Christian parents realized how high the stakes really are.
That's why Jack Graham wants you to hear his five-message series called Courageous Parenting: Raising Strong Children in a Dangerous World. In these teachings, you'll learn not only what's at stake in the lives of your kids, but how to protect and equip them with the truth of God's Word.
As a parent, you have been called by God to defend your kids during their most impressionable years. And through His power and the truth of His Word you can have the courage to raise your kids to stand strong in the face of the Enemy's onslaught.

Messages in this series include:
Uncommon Calling
Raising Eagles
Moral Clarity in the Sexual Culture
Homeland Security
Fathers That Rock

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