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The Best of 2016

There’s no doubt we live in troubled times. But while the world grows increasingly anxious, you can be filled with confidence through the power of God’s Word.
We want to help you live out your faith with confidence in these difficult days, by sending you Pastor Graham’s 10-message CD series, Best of 2016.

Featuring 10 of Pastor’s most requested sermons from this past year, Best of 2016 offers biblical truth for dealing with real-life issues and showing a hopeless world the hope of Jesus in you.
Messages in this series include:

• Taming the Tongue
• Character is a Choice
• Turning Your Trials into Triumphs
• Breaking Free From Addiction
• What Works When Life Doesn’t
• Breaking Free From Fear
• When Christ Returns
• Finally Home
• When a Man Loves a Woman
• Is There Hope for America?

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