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You Can Make A Difference

The holy city of Jerusalem lay in ruins. The demolished walls and burned-out gates a constant testimony to Israel’s defeat at the hand of the Babylonians. 
Lives were broken. Homes were fractured. Sounds a bit like the world today, doesn’t it?
But Nehemiah took action. In fact, we see in Nehemiah 2:18, his people looked around at the state of their city and boldly proclaimed ‘“Let us rise up and build.” 
The world is waiting for people like Nehemiah who will rise and rebuild broken lives and fractured homes. In this 20th anniversary edition of his book, Pastor Jack Graham wants to help you become someone God can use more powerfully.
Taken straight from the book of Nehemiah, God’s manual on leadership, this encouraging book equips and empowers you to become the kind of leader who can help rebuild the walls that have crumbled around us. 

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