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Discover your true worth in a world of fake values

Dear Friend,
Our world ruthlessly measures your worth by your outward appearance and how much money, prestige, or fame you have. That’s true of everyone… but especially of women. So it’s refreshing to know that the opinion of you that matters the most – your Creator’s – is based on something else entirely.
That’s why I wrote True Womanhood – to show you that all this talk of how you have to look perfect, feel perfect, and be perfect in order to be a "success" is misleading. God sees you as His priceless daughter, but not because of your bank balance, your talents, your appearance, or your résumé.
I’d love to send you a copy of True Womanhood as thanks for your gift today, to show you the true measure of God’s love for you and how you’re who He made you to be – so you can be a strong, truly successful woman.
Receive your copy of True Womanhood as you give today – and discover your real value in Him!

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