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Be prepared for the spiritual battles around you

Dear Friend,
My journey to understanding spiritual warfare began with a tragedy.
When I was just 20 years old, my father was murdered by an armed robber. I was devastated, and I started to doubt that something so horrible was possible in a world created and redeemed by a good God. Was God really all powerful if He allowed evil things to happen?
But the more I explored the question of good and evil, the more I realized we’re all part of a war that affects our daily lives.
My book, Unseen, can help you immensely if you’re asking the same questions I was all those years ago.
I’d love to send you a copy of Unseen to thank you for donating today to spread the Gospel worldwide through PowerPoint.
We'll send you a copy when you give today – so you'll be better equipped for the spiritual warfare in your life.

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